May Music Month


It's time to fess up.  I've been neglecting the music; neglecting my songwriting.  I've been neglecting the voices in my head that say, "hey, pick up that guitar real quick.  Just for a few minutes.."  And then they suck me into hours and hours of songwriting.  In doing that, I've been neglecting my own self, really.  Sure, I have bad days. There are days I think, "Eh, I'm tired. I don't want to play."  We all do that.  We're human.  In the end, though, I'm never a happy human if I'm not writing songs. 

I was concerned for a while that maybe this putting it to the side thing meant it was time to give up.  A few songwriter friends have assured me that I'm ok, though.  Those willing to be honest have shared their experiences and.. well, this is reality for people like us.  One day you wake up and you find yourself going about your day bc you have to be "responsible." Make sure you go to the gym. Clean the apartment.  Go to work.  Sign onto the computer and pay the bills.  All of that can easily take over your whole life if you let it.  And I did.  I let it.

So this month, my month- the month I was born to make music in the first place- I'm making a conscious effort to put my music back where it belongs in my to-do list.  Up real high and in the "everyday" section.  This month, I'll be playing music, writing music, recording music- anything music, really- every single day.  I must restore balance with the Universe.  There will be no rules, no pressure, no judging myself, and no requirements.  Just me and the music. Just me and my love. Getting back to my roots.  -kh